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Hi Matthew i liked the story and how the statues are alive. but i think the end was not really complete because it says we seemed to have a good time and i personally think it could have ended with a different sentence. but it was really good . from Julia Hi Sienna I think … [Read more…]

The Statue 100wc (poem)

At the top of the hill I look at the sky big and blue, at the bottom its green, where there are people playing about, but i’m just a statue just standing about I can’t talk, shout or play about I just look at the  sky  all day. Until one day a kid came to … [Read more…]

My comments

Hi Grace I liked your story because you used descriptive words to describe the hat, but i think you should let people to try to infer what is going on in the text so they can understand better. But it was very good. 🙂 Hi Matt I liked your story but I think you need to … [Read more…]