100 word challenge: we seemed to be on TV

I was siting dully on a hard seat with my family, i wasn’t sure exactly where we where . all i knew was it was loud, very loud.then  i suddenly realised. . . we seemed to be on TV. it was weird because i remember nothing about it. then i heard someone.

“Good evening  and welcome to the Monday talk show!”

everyone  applauded

“Now welcome our guests! Lily, James and Mary!”

how does he know our names i wondered

“Now you two how was your day at work.” he asked

they didn’t reply. . . then they said

” fine.”

”okay.” he said dully

” now lily how was school.”


i gasped it was a dream.




On the train me, my mum and dad went to Edinburgh we walked around and we went to The Elephant House where J.K Rowling wrote her book Harry Potter. We went in and there was a view of Edinburgh Castle. It was amazing.

We also went to the Museum of Scotland and it was very cool it had Robots, Fashion, Scottish Artefacts, Planes and Dolly the sheep the first cloned mammal. Also there where lots of activities for kids.

We went to see the statue Greyfriar’s Bobby the dog. There were lots of people.

Soon we went back on the train to go home.




Hello from Scotland

It took a whole day to travel to Scotland with my dad and brother. We flew on a plane with the company Etihad. We stopped in Abu Dhabi in the middle of the night there. When we made it to Scotland it was 7:00 in the morning there it was a long flight. It took 24 hours but it was worth it to get to Melrose. The population of people living here in Melrose is 2,307 and when you think about it it doesn’t sound like a lot but it is a lot. In Moonee Ponds the population of people living here is 13,532 which is way more.

The differences between Melrose and Moonee Ponds:

  1. Trees – the trees are more green here.
  2. Grass – the grass is softer and greener here.
  3. Flowers – there are different types of flowers here.
  4. Animals – the animals are very  different to the ones  in Melbourne the biggest ones I’ve seen are the birds.
  5. Population – the population is very different to Moonee Ponds.

Hello world!

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