100 word challenge … I didn’t realise they could fly…

“… I didn’t realise they could fly…” I said to my friend standing next to me she nodded in agreement.

..”Why was it always the last day of school something weird happened” i think to myself..

I look over my shoulder and my friend is still looking up at the sky with a confused look in her face.

” Did you ever realise they could fly” she asked finally talking.

” Well… no?” I say confused because no one should have know they could fly in the first place.

My other friend walks out of the shop and she said…

” Could dragon fruit always fly?”

We looked at her.

Of course not!!” we say

“Weird.” she said



100wc ……….painted, violin, elephant, purple, happy…………..

The old art gallery creaked as the elephant was roaming around his favourite art gallery. Every time he came he loved it another animal was playing a violin there was always new and interesting art scattered around. But sometimes there is art that made him sad but even though some where sad he would always find a way to cheer himself up by finding an amazing masterpiece that would be purple because it is his favourite colour ever! so it makes him happy. sometimes he even sees his own works of art that he painted and after that he feels satisfied and goes home.

commenting on peoples blogs

Hi Matthew
i liked the story and how the statues are alive. but i think the end was not really complete because it says we seemed to have a good time and i personally think it could have ended with a different sentence. but it was really good .

from Julia

Hi Sienna
I think it was a good story. But i think it was hard to understand what was going on because the sentences where a bit random but it was still a good story.

from Julia

Hi Cleo
I liked your story and how it used the theme well by using an earthquake and how you described it happening. And it was really good.

from Julia

commenting on peoples blogs

Hi grace
the story was really good but i think if it wasn’t a 100 word challenge it would be even better.

from Julia

Hi sienna
i liked your poem about books you could make it a bit longer but its still really good when it is short .

from Julia

Hi Sophie

I liked your story but i think you could say why he was growing or why he was hit by lightning. but it was good how you made it into someone telling it.

from Julia

The Statue 100wc (poem)

At the top of the hill I look at the sky big and blue,

at the bottom its green, where there are people playing about, but i’m just a statue just standing about I can’t talk, shout or play about I just look at the  sky  all day.

Until one day a kid came to play she skipped and hopped and she would not stop,

until She got a big blue box, she clapped and played then out of the bright, came a big light kite it whizzed and twirled all around the world until it landed on me.

The girl said this is for you, and with a whizz and twirl she left without a trace.

Now i spend my time with my favourite light kite that came out of the bright .  

100 word challenge …avocado, purple, bones, elephant, seahorses…

I was rushing down to school. It was dress up day, and I said to my self, I was not going to be late but that was a problem now.

When I finally got to school I realise that… I forgot to put the right t-shirt on it was purple.  All of the other kids had cool outfits like elephants or a skeleton  that looked like it had actual bones.

When I got to class we shared our outfits and that wasn’t the best. Some kids where wearing really good outfits, but some silly ones too like an avocado even the teacher had a cool seahorse outfit on.

After school I felt like I had the worst day ever then. I realise it was the top I wanted… it was the wrong way round.





100 wc …as i turned my head, the world spun

I was walking down the street, I soon stopped the cafe I wanted to visit so I ordered a coffee,  then I sat down in the hard, solid chair I got up then I started walking home until I bumped into something very hard as i turned my head the world spun around me, everything was a blur i kept spinning,  until it stopped. i had a big bump on my head, but I didn’t feel anything, it didn’t hurt I just felt it after my head span round I was so in shock I fell over when suddenly… I was back at the cafe did it happen or was I day dreaming, as i was thinking about this i was looking ad my odd cup of coffee.







{homework} Invite to science night

Mpps science night

we are doing this because of the 50th anniversary of the space mission to the moon!



The event is being held on the 14th of august. it will be from 6:00 to 7:00 pm.


On the night you will see that we have been doing posters about space junk, which is all the old satellites and how it’s getting worse. You will see that there will be posters about telling people/warning them about the effects of space junk. Or you will see some posters about how you could clean up the junk with designs of things or robots to clean it up.


please be sure to bring binoculars if you have them. 🙂



Image result for astronaut



My comments

Hi Grace
I liked your story because you used descriptive words to describe the hat, but i think you should let people to try to infer what is going on in the text so they can understand better. But it was very
good. 🙂

Hi Matt
I liked your story but I think you need to check it again and edit some of the words. But it was a good story. 🙂
from Julia

Hi Evan
well done I thought it was a very good but,I think you should proof read before you finish because I saw some misspelled words. Other than that it was really good
from Julia
🙂 🙂

Hi Hanna,
I thought you did a very good job on your story it was very descriptive and very well written, but it was a bit of a sudden ending as it jumped to 33 years later.
from Julia