100 wc …as i turned my head, the world spun

I was walking down the street, I soon stopped the cafe I wanted to visit so I ordered a coffee,  then I sat down in the hard, solid chair I got up then I started walking home until I bumped into something very hard as i turned my head the world spun around me, everything was a blur i kept spinning,  until it stopped. i had a big bump on my head, but I didn’t feel anything, it didn’t hurt I just felt it after my head span round I was so in shock I fell over when suddenly… I was back at the cafe did it happen or was I day dreaming, as i was thinking about this i was looking ad my odd cup of coffee.







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  1. libby2016

    I feel dizzy just reading this piece Julia – well done. You captured the feeling of disorientation really well. I noticed in the first sentence you used the word ‘I’ a lot. I wonder if you could look at different ways of getting across the same idea with less repetition?

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