100 word challenge …avocado, purple, bones, elephant, seahorses…

I was rushing down to school. It was dress up day, and I said to my self, I was not going to be late but that was a problem now.

When I finally got to school I realise that… I forgot to put the right t-shirt on it was purple.  All of the other kids had cool outfits like elephants or a skeleton  that looked like it had actual bones.

When I got to class we shared our outfits and that wasn’t the best. Some kids where wearing really good outfits, but some silly ones too like an avocado even the teacher had a cool seahorse outfit on.

After school I felt like I had the worst day ever then. I realise it was the top I wanted… it was the wrong way round.






  1. Sienna McNab

    Nice 100wc Julia by, the very first sentence i think you mean myself instead of my self but other than that it is perfect!

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