The Statue 100wc (poem)

At the top of the hill I look at the sky big and blue,

at the bottom its green, where there are people playing about, but i’m just a statue just standing about I can’t talk, shout or play about I just look at the  sky  all day.

Until one day a kid came to play she skipped and hopped and she would not stop,

until She got a big blue box, she clapped and played then out of the bright, came a big light kite it whizzed and twirled all around the world until it landed on me.

The girl said this is for you, and with a whizz and twirl she left without a trace.

Now i spend my time with my favourite light kite that came out of the bright .  


  1. grace2018

    Hello Jelly
    Great poem Julia, I just didn’t really understand because of the lack of grammar.
    But if there was, this piece would be amazing, it’s great already though.

    -PS, if this isn’t a poem, I apologise.

  2. sienna2018

    Hi Julia,
    Nice poem descriptive but you forgot some capital letters at the start of some sentences. Other then that perfect!

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